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This is a place for me CC circle left I record what I do on most days in case I forget what I did that one day. You are welcome to read. Here is my email kevin.buecher (at) and my phone number 970.405.8654
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“we all have a personal drone that simulates 360-degree views”
— Disney castle reveal 
09/27/2014 06:28
“liberation upon seeing the first un celebration who when seen similar to medusa turned and captured themselves a ‘selfie” lifted there device or amulet and took a picture of themselves”
— hatsune miku,  when asked  on her humanity 
09/27/2014 05:03

2000 yrs later

faintly formal, but also congenial and serene a classical plan for Imperial Delhi.

 look closey at ur seat to see if u can decipher the name of the season ticket holder who owned that seat 2,000 years ago

in this case, a work of landscape architecture — which miraculously altered a whole neighborhood, even a whole city’s fortune.

made for those
who can take a walk without a destination, sit on a bench and just stare at the sky.

Go someplace, or pretend too…

09/22/2014 20:26
09/14/2014 22:56

Drinking Chance 

08/23/2014 23:05
“The Aletory Times
Drink with Chance”
07/17/2014 12:25
“Built as a transportable, flat-pack installation”
07/15/2014 21:21

Pilot Paper Machince

Crezch Repbblic, Miaimi, Aubrun all have current setups
Crezch is best listed
Miami Is current



Room size pilot press

A 21” flat wire fourdrinier pilot paper machine
Deja Vu Lab and Test Equipment Inc.
25 Hirtle Cove Road
RR #2 
Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia
B0J 2E0 

Tel: (902) 624-0831

07/11/2014 17:44
“being intoxicated is to be holy, closer to the divine, closer to being human, leaving inhibition behind and pairing that with a swimsuit conciercgre and personal firework controler”
06/30/2014 19:37

Got thru Inland Printers to see which schools had these and question then  have they survived?

06/27/2014 11:27

Essentially, an advisory firm develops its record keeping procedures with

an eye toward business continuity

— a compliance based hedge fund
06/23/2014 23:39

institutional Investment leadership in the spirit industry

Robo Adviosrs like Wealthfront and Betterment provide to current and future clients digital capabilities that move beyond simply having a digital presence, to offering an integrated and seamless client experience that incorporates digital at all touch points.

winemakers have been using this for years. The argon pressurizationimage

Legal Considerations When Investing in Beverage and Alcohol Deals

06/21/2014 17:46

The online virtual experience

1. Begins with online research. google/yelp/ask a friend etc
2. How they choose to get there  Drone/car/bike/pedicab/etc/ SKIDIVE!!!!
3. In car gps, signage on the drive, the parking lot, etc
4. Unloading Experience/ exterior prospective  
5. Entrance thru Door to bar
6. Experience at bar listen to music/brewer/owner/guy/gal
7. Tour the venue summit experience
8. Leave Venue recommend top spot to consume 


06/18/2014 15:14
06/17/2014 19:15


06/17/2014 13:06
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